The Remote Sensing Code Library

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The Remote Sensing Code Library (RSCL)

The Remote Sensing Code Library (RSCL) is a free online registry of software codes of interest to remote sensing scientists and engineers. The RSCL is indexed by IEEE and is citable by using the DOI assigned to each code. The DOI can be used to link to the code entry by prefacing the number with (i.e.,

Message to Code Contributors: By submitting your code to RSCL or making it available for execution on your own server, you contribute to the advancement of remote sensing research and applications. In return, when other researchers use your code, they are expected to cite it, thereby contributing to your citation index.

Message to Code Users: When you use an RSCL code in support of your research, please make sure that you cite it in all publications that utilized that code. Below is a suggested citation format:

Author1_last, Author1_first, Author2_last, Author2_first, … “The title of the code,” RSCL:12245, June, 2017.