SpringBoot Jackson下划线风格返回

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xi前提: 我使用的SpringBoot版本为2.4.5, Jackson版本为2.11.4

今天优化自己的一个SpringBoot项目时, 发现一个问题: 通过JSON返回的response中的属性名都是Java中的驼峰形式, 这让前端开发很难受啊. 

尝试了度娘搜索的前几个配置方法配置jackson, 结果都不行.或许是我的版本太新吧...


java - How to set PropertyNamingStrategy for RestTemplate in SpringBoot? - Stack Overflow

A shorter answer is to use the Spring's objectMapper. The benefit is that it shares the same configuration in So you can set or whatever there, and it's consistent across the entire application including RestTemplate. Code as follows.

public class HTTPConfig {
    public final ObjectMapper objectMapper;  // provided by spring

    public RestTemplate restTemplate() {
        return new RestTemplateBuilder()
            .messageConverters(new MappingJackson2HttpMessageConverter(objectMapper))